About Guruji



This is Guruji’s signature name, “Guruji Maharaj”.

These words had been said by Guruji.




Guruji Maharaj hailed from Dugri, a village in Punjab. He was born in a Sikh Farmer Family. From the very beginning Guruji was very spiritual. He spent His childhood playing with snakes and praying. He loved his Mother very much and would often surprise her by producing roses from behind his back, at that tender age of three, as Mataji had told us. Our Guruji was a very simple person. He did not own a single chola although He wore the fanciest of cholas that His Sangat had made for Him. He did not own a single pair of shoes but we all saw Him wearing shoes from every part of the world; or even the jali wali banyan which we often saw Him wearing during non-Sangat days. He wore all and gave it all away. The only thing that He did own was His shaving kit. He believed that He did not need hair on his body, as He didn’t feel it essential to beautify Himself with it. One evening, he enlightened my husband and me on life and how it should be lived, “Simplicity in life is the key to happiness,” which lasted 45 minutes. It was in crisp English that we listened in awe.

The soul of the sermon was:

“To enjoy everything in life

 To Learn and grow with sorrow

and not let it destroy you

That I will always be there by

 your side to take care of everything”

These statements are the very essence of our beloved Guruji Maharaj and the guidelines for all His disciples to follow. His way of life was our lesson to learn including the cleanliness around Him and within Him.

 “Jad tussi Mere kol ande ho, tussi sare gande ghade wanger honde ho. Phir Main twanu pehle andron saaf karda ha, phir utto chamkanda ha.”

“When you come to Me, you are like dirty vessels. So I first clean you from within and then shine your outside.” Guruji said that God gave humans panj chor— Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh te Ahankar—namely work, anger, greed, attachment and ego that drive a man’s karma. Freedom from them is what Guruji aimed for all of us.

 Birth and Samaadhi
Born: 7 July1952 in Dugri village near Malerkotla ,
Sunsign: Cancer
Name: His name was ‘Nirmal Singhji’ but people
just fondly call him ‘Guruji’.
Parents: Shri Mast Ramji and Late Smt. Surjit
Family: He was the 2nd of their 3 sons and also
had a younger sister.
Samaadhi: He attained samaadhi on 

31-May-2007 at the age of 55 years.

“Guru” for you in the first place. “Guru” is a Sanskrit word that is made out of two words, “Gu” + “Ru.” “Gu” is “that which dispels” and “Ru,” is “Darkness.” Guru, therefore means, “The one who dispels darkness” from your life.

Guruji’s doors were open to the high and low, poor and rich, and people of all religious affiliations. From the most ordinary of men to the most powerful of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, armed service personnel, doctors, and professionals, everyone came to seek his blessings. All were equally in need of him and Guruji blessed all alike. Those sitting close to him, touching his feet, benefitted as much as those seeking his blessing in their prayers anywhere in the world. What mattered most was complete surrender and unconditional faith reposed in him. Guruji was a giver, he never expected or took anything from anyone. “Kalyan karta“, Guruji would say and “Blessings always” is what the devotee would get. He once explained that his “Blessings always” were not for this life alone, but ended with nirvana.

Guruji never delivered any sermons or prescribed any rituals, yet his message was received by the devotee in ways known only to the devotee. This “connection” with him was not only elevating and energizing but also a deeply transforming one. It lifted the devotees life to a level where joy, fulfillment and peace came easy. Guruji’s form exuded a divine fragrance, similar to roses. Even today, his fragrance is felt as proof of his presence by his devotees.

School: Govt. Primary School, Dugri
Matriculation: High School Burthala Munder.
Childhood: Had showns signs of spirituality from
childhood and started predicting future events
correctly since the age of 5 years.
Graduation: Double MA in English and Economics
from Government College, Malerkotla .
People say that many times, he was aware of
questions and answers even before the
After completing his education, HE left home to
help people all around and fulfill his spiritual

Guru Sahib informed us, “Nothing happens that is outside of God’s sovereign
will.” He said, “When we are with God, we plan our own lives and we decide
what karmic debts we will finish in the coming lifetime,” for example, we
decide who we will marry, who we will work with, whose karmic debt we will let
go of, so on and so forth, “all that is pre-written.”

There are many interesting stories famous about the Guru Ji among his followers. One of the earliest known incidents of Guruji’s affinity for the spiritual was when he use to spend time at the Dera of Sant Sewa Dasji at Dugri. Sant Ji was a renowned saint who had renounced worldly life and had a large following. Despite the protests from his family, Guruji would often go and sit at the Dera. His family would object to this and wanted him to spend his time studying rather than sit among the sages. But Guruji already had decided his spiritual path.

To prevent him from going to the Dera his family would lock him in a room. But soon they would find that the room was unlocked and Guruji was already sitting with the sages at the Dera. The sages at the Dera describe him as ‘lord of all the three loks’ ( Lord of the three worlds in Hindu mythology) and would often tell people to leave the young Guruji alone.

In another incident, Guru Ji’s schoolmates reveal that he use to fill up the empty ink pots by just touching them with his finger. Once a classmate asked Guruji for some ink for his pen during an exam and Guruji just touched it with his finger to fill it up.

It is believed that he has many supernatural powers but he uses to keep them suppress in front of other people as he did not want to gather any attention. But he would often leave his teachers confused by suddenly disappearing from the classroom seat and be back the next moment.

Gurji’s Car, have a close look

No matter where he stayed people came to him from all parts of the country for deliverance from disease or any other problem they had. Soon the fame about his special powers spread all across Punjab and people sought him out no matter where he was.

Guruji stayed at many places including Jalandhar, Panchkula, Chandigarh,  Delhi, Mumbai etc. He finally settled down in a house in Jalandhar which has become his temple now. In 2002 he settled in Delhi in the Empire Estate house on MG Road. It is known as the Chotta Mandir. Guru Ji also made the Shiv Mandir in Bhatti Mines area in Chattarpur known as Bada Mandir.

Whether rich or poor, people from all section of the society are his followers. From a common man to world-renowned businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, armed service personnel and professionals, everyone came to seek his blessings.

Maha Samadhi

Guruji took mahasamadhi on 31st May 2007. He left no successor : for the “light divine” there is none. His emphasis was that the devotee always get connected “directly” with him , and more so, through the medium of prayers and meditation. 

Today, when Guruji is no more in his mortal guise, his blessings are working the same wonders, with his grace falling equally on those who never met him in their lifetime.

Jai Guruji